Affable Gentlemen Storytelling was created by a group of friends who loved sitting around bars, campfires, porches, and dinner tables around Portland, telling stories, deciding to create a live show based on some of their favorites.

Starting in 2012, Affable Gentlemen became a monthly show in downtown Portland with a different theme for each month. The Gentlemen quickly expanded into a nice group of guys and gals who love the art of storytelling and the sense of community it can foster!

Now after a year long hiatus, please join us as we bring back the Affable Gentlemen (and Women) to the Clinton Street Theater with “It’s Loose”, a special presentation of some of our favorite stories and storytellers! With live music by the Affable Gentlemen Orchestra, and a few surprises “It’s Loose” will be a great night of storytelling!


*stories may contain adult themes